Description : The film begins on the pirate ship of Red Pirate Ron where Jerry is Tom's slave. Ron uses a slingshot to get them on deck, sailing to find the Lost Treasure of the Spanish Mane. A wave crashes against Ron's ship and along with it, a bottle containing the map Ron was looking for. Tom kept the map hidden for himself, but the skull, which happens to be the ghost of the Spanish Mane's captain Don Diego de Clippershears, warns Tom that the map has to be returned to the ocean by sunset tonight or the curse begins. Tom and Jerry would also have a run-in with a giant squid.Upon reaching the island, Tom and Jerry run into Barnacle Paul also known as Purple Pirate Paul and his non-talkative purple parrot Chuck. Barnacle Paul has a crew of monkeys on the island and told Tom and Jerry about how he and his brothers Ron and Bob created maps for a living and accidentally discovered the map of the Treasure of the Spanish Mane. Paul seen enough of the map to know the island, but not enough to know where to look and was discouraged searching for it for over 40 years.Jerry reaches the cave where the Treasure of the Spanish Mane was in plain sight. Jerry knew that a treasure this large would have to be guarded and Tom rushed in anyway, but was shocked to see the same giant squid as the ultimate guardian. However,Red Pirate Ron was standing beside him furious with Tom and accused him of planning to steal the treasure for himself. Ron and Paul then began to fight for the treasure as Blue Pirate Bob comes sailing in with his ship fully repaired.Jerry was made captain of the ship with Spike as his first mate and Tom was made to swab the deck and do all the other chores that he made Jerry do while on board Ron's ship. Meanwhile, Ron, Bob the rest of their men remain on Yo-Ho Island evading the stone chicken guardian that was brought back to life and began chasing the pirates. They finally find a leader they can relate to as Jerry and his crew sail happily ever after. Powered by Wikipedia
Release Date : 22 August 2006
Genre : Animation,Comedy,Family
Director : Scott jeralds
Writers : William Hanna & Joseph Barberas